The first step when looking to buy a new or replacement lamp shade is… what size?  We get asked a lot so put together a useful guide with some simple rules to point you in the right direction.


Which size should I choose?

Measure the current lampshade:

If you currently have a shade on your lamp, measure its:
  1. height
  2. top and bottom diameters
You should also measure the total height of the lamp base including the lamp shade. It’s handy to draw a quick sketch of your lamp with all the measurements shown so you can visualise it.


Design Rules:

Now are some basic design rules to follow so the proportions of your lamp shade fits the base, and the space you are displaying it – e.g. bedside, hall/entry table, floor, or hanging from the ceiling (pendant style lamp shade).
Rule 1.
The height of the lamp shade should be approximately one-third the height of the lamp, try to get as close as you can to these proportions but a few centimeters difference won’t matter much.
Rule 2.
The diameter of the lamp shade should always be greater than the width of the widest part of the lamp base. Ideally, the lamp shade diameter should be be two times the diameter of the lamp base.
Rule 3.
If the lamp shade is for a table lamp, measure the table where the lamp will be, ideally the lampshade shouldn’t be over hanging out of the table area.  This is important especially for bedside table lamps, where size can be limited.
Rule 4.
Every rule has exceptions!  Don’t be afraid to get creative and put together a whacky combo that is unique to your style and space!


Pick the best fit:

Lampshade Size GuideAll Hello Boho lampshades come in a range of sizes so you can order the size that best fits your needs. Our standard sizes are:
  • 20w x 18h cm
  • 25w x 21h cm
  • 30w x 21h cm
  • 35w x 21h cm
  • 40w x 25h cm
  • 45w x 30h cm
Below are some ideas for where each size would best suit in terms of type of lamp base and the room or space it is located.
20w x 18h cm
Small lampshade, great for very small bedside lamps; pendant lights in hallways and very small table areas in other rooms. The base should be between 18cm to 20cm height.
25w x 21h cm
Medium size lampshade, a very good size for bedside lamps, side tables and small buffet cabinets, The base should be between 20cm to 25cm height.
30w x 21h cm
Perfect for living room table lamps; buffet table lamps, and for big bedrooms especially with bedheads. The base should be between 25 to 32 cm height.
35w x 21h cm
Table lamp for big spaces, large side tables, large buffet cabinets. The base should be between 32 to 50 cm height.
40w x 25h cm
This size is ideal for very large table lamps and standard floor lamps, “stick” style floor lamps and not too large tripod’s. Also great size for ceiling/hanging lamps.
45w x 30h cm
Ideal for extra large floor lamps and large areas.